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What is being announced?

Go to top, your preferred online calling cards store, and, the online calling card leader, have merged their two companies and decided to serve all their customers at one single online store: “”; with the best products, the best calling card features and the best service ever. From now on, all Viapin customers are customers and thus, enjoy all the cool new features.

Who is

Go to top is the leader in online phone cards; it was launched May of 2003 and is owned by Union Telecard Alliance, LLC (“UTA”). UTA was formed in 1998 and is the distribution arm of IDT Telecom. UTA is one of the largest distributors of prepaid phone cards in the United States and distributes over 200 different phone cards throughout the country. IDT Corporation, through its IDT Telecom subsidiary, is a facilities-based, multinational carrier that provides a broad range of telecommunications services to retail and wholesale customers worldwide. IDT Corporation's Class B Common Stock and Common Stock trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols IDT and IDT.C, respectively. is an online store committed with all its customers, offering a combination of great products, great rates and great service.

Why are Viapin and Uniontelecard merging?

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Because as the two strongest IDT distributors in the market, we have decided to join our technical, commercial and human strengths to offer the best online purchase experience for both Viapin and Uniontelecard customers.

How will this merge benefit me as a customer?

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There are so many benefits for you that we do not know were to start, click here to take a tour of this amazing new site and learn about why this is the best option for you, below is a gleam of what you are receiving with this merge:

  • Calling will become faster and easier.
  • Recharging is quicker and easier too.
  • You are now able to recharge your cards without even having to login every time you need balance on your PINs.
  • All cards are now rechargeable
  • There will be security improvements
  • More bonus points for loyal customers and an easier redemption process.
  • A bigger and improved Customer Service with more hours to assist you.

Much more is to come, stay with us and witness the future of calling cards.

From now on where can I purchase or recharge my phone cards?

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All the card purchases and recharges must be done at, to learn how to purchase or recharge please click here to take a quick tour.

Do I need to open a new account at

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No. All your Viapin account information has been transferred to, so all you have to do is just log in with your regular Viapin user name and Password on the login page at and you will find your new account center. Here all your Viapin account information including your purchased PINs has been transferred. These old PINs are ready to be recharged, or if you prefer you can choose and purchase new PINs.

Will there be any changes on the products offered at Viapin?

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Yes. Amazing changes have come:

  • All Viapin rechargeable cards now offer great new features like AUTORECHARGE, SPEED DIAL, VIRTUAL PIN and ONLINE BILLING HISTORY besides the regular ones like Pinless dial and online call history. Click here and take a quick tour to learn how to set and use these cool new features.
  • Your Active PINs of the cards listed below are in your new account center at ready to be recharged; they will not expire unless you don’t recharge them or use them over a 6 month period, calculated from the last date of use of each PIN. No new PINs of these cards are available for purchase. All the features mentioned above are also available for your active PINs of these cards at your new account center, click here and take a quick tour to learn how to set and use them.
  • Pinbuddy Play Africa Knockout DC Cabal Gool Washington Talk Crazy Washington Africa Purple Colombianita NY Colombianita NJ Red Texas Dallas Red Texas Houston Froggy Houston Boss Carolinas Boss NY Boss NJ Boss LA Black Ball Xclusive NJ Xclusive NY Boss Washington

    I already have an account at Now with the merge, do I have two accounts?

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    NO, we search all the email addresses of the Viapin Customers on the data base to check if those addresses were also registered there. For the ones we found with accounts in both stores we decided to add the information of their Viapin account in to their account so they will only have one registration. The Login information (username and password) will remain exactly as it was on plus all the Viapin PINs are now there ready to be recharge.

    If you had accounts at Viapin and at with different registered email, then yes, now you have two accounts on

    Was my Viapin PINs information like Pinless, recharge history and call history also transferred to my
    new account?

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    YES, all the information of your PINs was also transferred in to your new account on You can check it any time on your pin details page, just click on the PIN number you want to check from your list of PINs inside the account center.

    Will there be any changes on the Customer service and technical support?

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    Yes. Like if it wasn’t enough with all the great new benefits, the Customer Service is now available for you 15 hours (from 9:00 am to 1:00 am ET) to help you as always with any phone card situation or information you require.

    How can I purchase and recharge?

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    Just login here with your regular Viapin user name and password and either recharge your active PINs or purchase a new one from the cards offered at; your new preferred phone card store. To learn how to purchase or recharge, take a quick tour by clicking here.

    Are the payment methods going to change?

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    No, we still accept your regular credit card payments. The only payments we are not receiving any more are the ones done through Google check out and PayPal.

    What happened with the active, not expired, bonus chips that I had at my Viapin account?

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    Your active Bonus chips were transferred as well, along with all your Viapin information and order history. You can redeem them at your account. The important news is that the redemption method has changed and is more convenient, now you will not have to make a purchase to redeem your active bonus chips, all you have to do is login, enter your bonus points management tool, select the PIN you want to add balance to and just like that all your bonus points will be added to the PIN. Each bonus point equals one dollar. To learn how to redeem your bonus points click here and take a quick tour.

    What happened with my Viapin referrals?

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    All your Tell a Friend program activity at Viapin was also transferred to At your new account center you will be able to check all your Referral status and you will receive rewards once they reach 50 dollars in purchases limit. To check the new Refer a friend program click here

    Is there a new privacy policy?

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    Yes, there is a new privacy policy, to review it please click here

    Are there new Terms and conditions of use?

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    Yes, there are new conditions of use, to review them please click here

    Where can I get more information?

    Reach us thru Live Chat, Customer Service line 1-800-410-3280 , emails or

    Click here to check the FAQ

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