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Testimonials: Hear what satisfied customers say about our phone cards.

". . . Union Telecard is the best! For as long as I've known you, there was not a single problem. Cheapest rates to call Moscow! I've already purchased over $2000 for the last three years or maybe even more, which has saved me at least twice as much! Union Telecard forever!" . . ."

Richmond, VA
". . . I like Union Telecard because I can get phone cards at anytime. They give detailed and accurate information about the rates and they are reliable. . . ."

Chicago, IL
". . . I registered about 2 years ago at Union Telecard, and since then I have being using the phone cards. It is easy, fast, I can do it from work or at home and in a few seconds I have my card available. Prices are very convenient, and the quality of the connection is excellent. I recommended this product to a lot of friends and they are very happy as well. . . ."

Los Angeles, CA
". . . I've been using Union Telecard international phone cards for over 4 years and have been really pleased with their rates and connectivity, not to mention the ease in purchasing online. I purchase the Mega Clean because of the extra added features it offers. I've recommended Union Telecard to my friends and family members who call internationally and they too use it regularly. . . ."

Seattle, Washington
". . . Union Telecard is one of the best kept secrets in phone cards. Union Telecard gives you the minutes they promise, you never have to raise your voice to be able to have a conversation with the person you are calling and the best part, you can re-use the pin number you are given. . . ."

Clifton, NJ
". . . The quality and value of the Union Telecard phone cards products can’t be matched by other phone cards claiming to have the best deals. Their website is easy to navigate. . . ."

Orlando, Florida
". . . I'm absolutely loving the calling cards that I'm using! My pin number is automatically identified by my phone number, so I don't have to enter it every time I make a call; the connection is always perfect; there are no hidden charges; I call a lot to different countries, for that reason I searched the Internet for the best possible deals, and I can truely say that the Union Telecard has the best rates out there! . . ."

Carmichael, CA
". . . Hi and thank you for this opportunity to express my best experience with online telecards! The only ONE internet site I can trust today and tomorrow without any worries that my money will be WELL spent on phone cards purchased from Union Telecard. . . ."

Woodridge, IL
". . . I have absolutely no problems connecting my international calls and the voice quality has been very good. I continue to purchase cards from Union Telecard and I recommend it to my friends. . . ."

Foster City, CA
". . . This site is secure. You can use this site and I can vouch that this is safe and I have been their customer for over a year now. Wide variety of calling cards to choose from based on the country and type of phone you want to call from. Clarity is good too. Customer Care Service is good. There are no long waits that you normally expect from customer care. . . ."

Los Angeles CA
". . . It is thrilling for me to be your customer since 2003. Since I enrolled to buy phone cards from you I have convinced more than 5 of my colleagues and friends to join you for the simple reason that your cards are so good to use. Initially I started with Blue Europe. It was so good I enlarged my horizon to more phone cards from you. I testify to your quality phone cards. . . ."

". . . I have been so happy with your customer service and quality from your phone cards. Never had I any problem with your cards and also your web site gives the customer all info we need to find a phone card we are looking for. . . ."

Waterford, CT
". . . I've been using Union Telecard call cards for almost two years now. I love their products! I haven't bought a call card from anywhere else ever since. I shop here at least once a week. I have not encountered any problems since I started using their call cards. . . ."

Angela Elsah
". . . From North America to West Coast of Africa talking to our loved ones turn into fun, fun, and more fun! Thanks to Union Telecard international calling cards, the conduit. . . ."

Harrisburg, PA
". . . Union Telecard provides reliable service, a user-friendly web experience, and above all, excellent call quality. I routinely use the Union Telecard Purple Card to call business clients in Australia and South Africa. . . ."

Boston, MA
". . . Mega Clean is great! It provides some of the highest number of minutes to South Africa and easy access numbers. . . ."

Florence, SC
". . . I constantly buy the Super Quick telephone card to call international. It is very convenient and has a good sound quality. . . ."

J. Ruan
Los Angeles, CA
". . . Since using Union Telecard Calling Cards, we have saved literally thousands of dollars off our international long distance bill. Not to mention it has probably saved our marriage. Being my wife is from Panama, she has friends and relatives there and chats almost daily. Our international bill was $300-400 monthly. Since using Union Telecard cards, our bill has shrunk to about $50-60 monthly. . . ."

Marina, CA
". . . When I found the love of my life in Brazil, I needed to find a reliable inexpensive way to make International phone calls. I found the answer in the Purple Card. I have spent hundreds of dollars on these cards, but if I had used normal long distance rates, I would have spent thousands. They have speed of delivery, customer service, and a broad range of available products. . . ."

Los Angeles, CA
". . . I have been a member of Union Telecard for more than 5 years now. I don’t think I want to leave ever. They have great quality products great competitive rates and very friendly customer support. I will highly recommend their products. . . ."

Fairbanks, Alaska
". . . I have found the "Remember Me" card more reliable than all other cards I have used in the past. Now I look for repurchase of the same card only because it is trouble free and it is reliable all the time. . . ."

Pittsburgh, PA
". . . Mega Clean and Stable is the best calling card that is available for calling India and the UK from USA. It has very clear and excellent voice quality. And the best thing about this card from Union Telecard is that the minutes never expire. Recharging is so easy and quick that it is done in a few seconds online. Also the same card can be used to call almost every country in the world from USA. . . ."

Jersey City, NJ
". . . I love the Super Clean international calling card the best. It actually is a card with no surprises. It says it’s super clean and it truly is - no hidden fees, no tricks like a lot of other cards. As for the website it’s simply awesome; I have no fear of losing my credit card information. It’s also easy to navigate and simple to use. . . ."

Camden, SC
". . . I've been a customer for many years for three simple reasons anyone could relate to -- 1. The prices at Union Telecard are by far the cheapest with no hidden costs and a variety of features to suit everyone. 2. The voice quality is first rate. And...3. Their customer service is polite, professional, and responsive. Thank you all at Union Telecard, and keep it up! . . ."

New York, NY
". . . I have used Mega Clean and Stable card as well as Super Clean card for over three years and I plan to continue using them. Both of these cards are reliable and have good connectivity. They are each worth the price you pay for them. . . ."

Fayetteville, GA
". . . The pin less dialing is one of my favorite features. . . ."

Corvallis, OR
". . . Saved thousands of dollars since I started purchasing my phone cards 3 years ago. I save more than 25¢ per minute calling Guatemala. What I really like is the reliability of the cards you sell. I never once have had to call to complain. I have never had any phone card I have bought on your site steal minutes from me or have hidden charges. . . ."

Orlando, FL
". . . Union Telecard has been a strong part of my life, connecting me to my families all over Europe and Africa for 3 years now! The website feature is great, easy to use, secure with varieties of international calling cards to choose from with rate and service differences, true minutes on cards! Excellent customer service. Union Telecard is the best. That’s why I am still with them.... . . ."

Columbia, SC
". . . I have been using "Mega Clean and Stable" card to talk to my friends and family in the UK for about 1 year. The quality of the card is great. And best of all there is no connection fees or service fee. I would recommend this card to anyone who wants to talk with out any annoying disturbances and sound during the call. . . ."

Fremont, CA
". . . Great rates with lots of minutes to anywhere in the world, there's a card for everyone, anytime. . . ."

San Antonio, TX
". . . Union Telecard international calling rates made it economically possible for me to call my Russian fiancée every day for two years. Without you folks our romance might well have withered away. Now that Ludmila and I are finally together, you're making it possible for us to stay in close and regular contact with her family. As far as I'm concerned, you have played an important role in our lives. . . ."

Brunswick, GA
". . . I can't imagine now surviving without UT cards. They have made telephone connection affordable for all of us that have family far away! Thank you Union Telecard! . . ."

Bath NY
". . . You helped us thru the hard times when we had a long distance relationship. Last year I tried very hard to find the best possible deal to call Colombia. You guys have the best rates to call Bogotá and Colombian cell phones. I recommend you all the time. I love it when I hear the automated attendant “you have 4 plus hrs to make this call.” Thank you for the good memories. . . ."

Dallas, TX
". . . Union Telecard always brought me the best service and quality in phone cards. The rates are stable and there are no hidden fees. One minute is 60 seconds not 180 as some other calling cards. I am happy I use Union Telecard as my international phone card provider. . . ."

Boston, MA
". . . I have been using PT-1 Caribbean Works a product from Union Telecard for 3 years now. I have also introduced my close friends to this company and will also recommend it to anyone who wants the best. I know it is the best because while I have not stopped using this card I have also tried others and was not very impressed. It stops here at Union Telecard. . . ."

Wichita Falls, TX
". . . I call to Ukraine several times a day. I have used all the 'other' long distance providers’ cards before finding your web site. Not only are the calls better quality, but your prices are by far the lowest in the industry. With 'other' cards I found too many dropped calls and hidden fees, but didn't think I had any other choices. I like being able to log on, securely buy a card, and get an instant PIN. . . ."

Tacoma WA
". . . My wife and I always go to the Union Telecard website to order Union Telecard phone cards to call our relatives in Europe. We can count on Union Telecard to have the best deals on calling cards, so we order from them every time. We look forward to continuing to use Union Telecard products in the future! Thanks UnionTelecard. You make it easy for us to stay in touch with our loved ones. . . ."

Alanta, GA
". . . I like the way the rates are displayed. As soon as I enter the country where I need to call, a whole list of phone cards is displayed and the best thing is that fees and other charges are displayed which helps you decided which phone card will work better for each call. . . ."

". . . I have been amazed at the success of my connections and the clarity. I really appreciate Union Telecard service and their commitment to me as a valued customer. Thanks Union Telecard for helping to facilitate my work in developing regions of the world! You will never know how much you have allowed us to accomplish that could not have happened without this communication option. . . ."

Redlands, CA
". . . I make hundreds of dollars of calls to Africa a month, so I’m obviously interested in the best combination of rate and quality. I use Mega Clean and Stable virtually every day! . . ."

Dorchester, MA
". . . I make international calls almost daily, to keep in touch with friends in Central and South America. I've been using the Mega Clean and Stable card for several years now. Using the card is hassle-free, the connection quality is great, and it's a money-saver for my phone bill. I'd recommend this card to anyone who does a lot of long-distance calling. . . ."

San Diego, CA
". . . Card name cannot be more descriptive than this: "Mega" referring to the amount of minutes that you get for a small price, "clean" referring to be clean from any other hidden charges that I always got with other cards. With all the good you also have automatic pin input feature so you don't have to memorize and type it in every time!! . . ."

Nashville, TN
". . . My wife and I have family and friends all over the world, and Union Telecard has made it easy and inexpensive to chat with them as much as we want! These phone cards have saved us so much money, and kept us connected to our loved ones. Thank you very much for providing this wonderful service! . . ."

Laguna Niguel, CA
". . . Great prices and even better quality. I have yet to find phone cards anywhere else that can even compare to what Union Telecard offers. . . ."

Bath NY
". . . I have used the Mega Clean and Stable Card for about 3 years. It is both reliable and stable . . ."

Scottsdale Arizona
". . . I have been purchasing my phone cards from your website since 2003. I like the fact that when you first purchase I received a call to verify my identification. That made me feel secure about my purchase and that my information was safely stored. The site is user friendly and best of all its available to me whenever I need to buy a calling card. . . ."

Hoboken, NJ
". . . I have been using Union Telecard and the different phone cards it provides for over 4 years now and have spread the word to as many friends and family as I can. I call South Africa on a daily basis and need a phone card that provides me with consistent service and unbeatable rates. I have recommended Union Telecard and will continue to do so. . . ."

A loyal Union Telecard customer, Debbi
Anaheim Hills, CA
". . . Union Telecard is the best service I have ever had since I have been in USA. Great prices, variety and quality. Thanks for your service and customer service. Keep up the good work. . . ."

Frederick, MD
". . . Thanks to your international calling cards. I'm enjoying very much talking with my family and relatives. It is a great pleasure to be the user of Union Telecard products. Thank you again for your kind support and assistance! . . ."

Trail, MN
". . . Union Telecard phone cards are very reliable, I have never felt comfortable making long distance calls until a friend introduced me to Union Telecard long distance calling cards. . . ."

Grand Forks, ND
". . . As a customer I have been very pleased using the Mega Clean and Stable. I have lots of friends and cousins in Lithuania and being able to call for so cheap, makes it feel like they live in the same city. I am continually updated on all the family events there. I have friends whom I referred this Mega Clean calling system to. They use it on a continual basis as well. . . ."

Santa Monica, CA
". . . Union Telecard makes it easy to find just the card you need to make International calls. I couldn't believe how fast and easy it was to navigate the Website and make purchases, especially when placing return orders. I've been telling all my family and friends about it. Thanks UnionTelecard – . . ."

Dearborn Heights, MI
". . . Union Telecard makes calling abroad simple and easy at very convenient prices. That is what makes Union Telecard online calling card business the best. Thank you for you business, . . ."

Detroit, MI
". . . IDT allows me to feel closer to my family in Colombia . . ."

San Jose, CA
". . . I have been using Union Telecard calling cards for over two years now. After trying Union Telecard products I did not have to search for another card. Ordering online is extremely easy and convenient. Their customer service agents are very helpful and courteous too. I highly recommend Union Telecard products. . . ."

Los Aangeles, CA
". . . Union Telecard calling cards give more minutes than any other phone cards, the card is easy to use, quick connection and very clear, I use all the time . . ."

Chapel Hill, NC
". . . I love using the Mega Clean and Stable card and the website is really easy to use. All the information I need to find for any calling card is available immediately and the prices are very competitive. I also like the option of hardwiring the pin to my phone number so I don't have to dial the pin all the time. It's what makes me coming back for more . . ."

Indio, CA
". . . Good prices on calling to Thailand with the Mega Clean and Stable card . . ."

Hayward, CA
". . . I absolutely love these calling cards. I did extensive research to find the most economical way for international phone calls since I call Europe 2-3 times a week. I’m using the Union Telecard calling cards for nearly 3 years now and I wouldn’t buy anything else. They are a superb value, easy to use and by the way – the customer service is excellent! . . ."

Bellport, NY
". . . I've been calling Turkey for 5 years, with the wide selection of great calling cards, Union Telecard has always the best card for my calling needs . . ."

Frederick, MD
". . . Back when I heard about UTA Web Sales service the very first time I had doubts, most of all I was afraid about theft identity because I never used my credit card to buy online. Two years and half later I'm very happy with the service. I truly trust on this service, my family and I are so pleased with Union Telecard service. . . ."

Los Angeles, CA
". . . I have been buying my calling cards on Union Telecard website for about three years now and all I can say is they are awesome. I have tried other websites’ cards and they can’t compare to Union Telecard. . . ."

Kansas City, MO
". . . I’m using Union Telecard for over a year, mostly to call southeast Asia, there is not a better deal on the market now, and I have tried other companies but they do not deliver what they promised especially regarding their real cost per minute and other hidden fees. With Union Telecard, like Super Clean and Boss, I get what I pay for. Strongly recommend Union Telecard. . . ."

Barrington, IL
". . . I have been using Union Telecard to call Italy for about 2 years by now and I am very satisfied with the service provided. The prices are extremely competitive (even compared with VOIP services) and the connection quality is always good or very good. Highly recommended. . . ."

Naperville, IL
". . . I used the Union Telecard products for over two years, while my fiancé was in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. I appreciated the calling card service; they are much cheaper than using the phone company's calling plan. . . ."

Willow Grove, PA
". . . One of my friends advised me to use Union Telecard calling cards. Using the website I started buying super-clean, middle-east and mega-clean and using them. All have nice voice quality and no disconnecting problem during the call. If you make less frequent calls and talk longer, middle-east and super-clean is good for it or if you call frequently mega-clean is the best. Cheers. . . ."

Sunderland, MA
". . . It's been two years since I’ve open the account at Union Telecard and have only one thing to say: excellent service! I have tried several web sites before I found this one and none of them can compare to Union Telecard with price and quality of service! Highly recommended!!! . . ."

Memphis TN
". . . I have been using calling cards for many years and since I discovered Mega Clean and Stable about six months ago I have never been happier especially since I call Thailand twice a day and talk for two to three hours. Thank you M-CandS for the clarity of my calls and the money you have saved me. . . ."

Anaheim, CA
". . . I have been a customer of Union Telecard since 2003. I have had nothing but excellent service from the group. the feature on the website that allows you to see a record of your transaction is what I am in love with, it means I can make my call from anywhere to both local and international. Way to go Union Telecard. . . ."

Lake Villa, IL
". . . A friend told me about international calling cards and Union Telecard. Here was a website offering products to suit every sort of use. For my use of frequent international calling, I found the appropriate product with great connectivity and stable rates. There were no hidden charges, good customer service and a host of features - easy recharge and over-all easy voice prompts. . . ."

Richmond, VA
". . . I use Union Telecard international calling cards and products all the time. It is very convenient. I like its clarity. . . ."

Chicago, IL
". . . I am an international student. Since I came to the United States, I have searched several phone card companies on the web and tested different cards hoping to get a good deal. I finally settled for Union Telecard. The cards are good and the quality of voice is nice. I have recommended it to many friends and can claim to be now a VIP customer. . . ."

State College, PA
". . . UTA Web Sales has offered me a convenient, fast and friendly way to get in touch with my family. Their website displays card rates and easy access numbers so I can choose the card that best fits my needs. Now I don't have to run around my whole town looking for a calling card because I have everything I need right at my fingertips with Union Telecard. . . ."

". . . I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in using your website Union Telecard to purchase my calling cards. Arcade card has been my favorite and I am a loyal user, it offers the best rate with guaranteed minutes and no fees of whatsoever. Purchasing the cards are a point and click 2 minute experience and using the pin less feature to dial the phone number makes it even sweeter. . . ."

Raleigh, NC
". . . Boss USA is accurate and reliable. It’s the number 1 phone card to Africa and the rest of the World. . . ."

Bridgeport, CT
". . . I have been using this service for almost 2 years. It has low rates compared to other providers. Customer service responds to you in a matter of seconds and actually is looking forward to solve the issue. I highly recommend the products they sell for its convenience, price and methods of delivery. A+ without you I would go broke. . . ."

Pasadena, TX
". . . Since I started using this calling card I have not turned back. I get the minutes it tells me. No gimmicks no hidden costs! I recommend all my friends to use this calling card. It is easy, it is economical and it is my calling card. . . ."

Huntsville, AL
". . . I have used Union Telecard for the last 3 years to make calls to India, U.K. and Kenya and have had excellent service and the customer service response was very good. . . ."

Astoria, NY
". . . I have been using Union Telecard to contact my family members from around the world for almost 3 years now. The connection is crisp and clear, I’ve never had a terminated call, and the rates are unbeatable compared to any other phone card I have ever used. My business will always stay with Union Telecard! . . ."

T. C.
Jacksonville, FL
". . . You simply just have to sign up and put in your information so you don’t always have to always put in your credit card information whenever u sign in to purchase something and also searching for the right card you put in whatever country your trying to call and then it brings up the best cards you can use to call wherever. . . ."

Riverdale, MD
". . . I like that it is easy to purchase international calling cards on the Union Telecard web site. The rates and fees are clearly displayed. Unlike the competition, the actual calling card charges are as advertised. . . ."

Westfield, NJ
". . . Wanted to say that this website is awesome. I really enjoy the rates that you guys provide, these rates are the cheapest that I could ever find. I tried most of the cards, but now I have my favorite card, which is MegaClean. I call a lot to my country using this card, and I enjoy talking for longer time than I used to with other websites cards. Thank you very much. . . ."

San Francisco, CA
". . . You guys are great. I think the phone cards in your web cite are the best in the market, as the connection is good and also I never feel that I have been charged more than my usage. . . ."

Lantana, FL
". . . Union Telecard has the lowest rates of any calling card company I have found. It is the only website I buy cards from anymore. I highly recommend them! . . ."

Winston Salem, NC
". . . I have been a customer since meeting my wife online in February of 2005. During this time, I have called my then fiancé. I have always been able to speak to a customer service representative in less than 1 minute! They are the most professional, fast, and polite. The prices and connections are the best on the web. At first I tried others but settled in with Union Telecard. . . ."

Salmon, ID
". . . Excellent competitive rates and incredibly helpful available staff. Been using the products for 6 years and haven't needed to look elsewhere. . . ."

Miami, FL
". . . I've have been using Union Telecard products, mainly Purple Card to make calls to my country since I arrived in the US 2 years ago. I've researched for the best call card on the internet and I believe Union Telecard provides the cheapest and best products online. Another good feature of most of the products of Union Telecard is that they have many local access numbers. . . ."

Wilmington, DE
". . . I have been an on line customer for the last 3 years through the Union Telecard website, and have used their prepaid products. The advantage of this website is that you have the opportunity to compare card to card and choose which one best suits your particular needs. Keep up the good work, . . ."

Arlington, TX
". . . The Union Telecard phone cards really helped my wife and I develop our relationship while we were dating. She was in Ukraine and then South Africa and I was in the U.S. Without the phone cards, which have very reasonable rates and are easy to use, I am not sure we would have ever married! By using them, we were able to talk long and often. . . ."

Boone, NC
". . . The card is very convenient as we can use it from our home phone and cell phones and the rates are much cheaper than the phone companies. No hidden fees make it even more worthwhile. . . ."

Scarsdale, NY
". . . Union Telecard has the best deals on the net. I am very pleased with the online purchase and the fast delivery of the product. This is the best place to purchase your calling cards and other products on the internet. . . ."

Downey, CA
". . . Union Telecard has the best calling cards out there. I have been using this site for about 2 years now and I have nothing but good things to say. From the customer service to the clarity of the phone calls. I recommend Union Telecard to everyone. I have never had fewer minutes than what is posted online. . . ."

Anaheim, CA
". . . I have used several web sites for phone cards. Most of them tell me that I will get 60 minutes for a $10 card, but I really get about 40 minutes. With Union Telecard I get exactly what they say. Union Telecard also has the clearest call from any other site I have used. I have been using them for over a year now and I’ll never go back to anyone else. . . ."

Layton, UT
". . . One thing I don’t like to compromise is honesty. I don’t really care on how much I spend on anything as long as it is genuine. Using phone cards such as Super Clean, Mandela, PT-1 Africa etc have been good and precise. Their 1 minute is one minute and the connections are super with clear voices. I have introduced them to many of my friends and all have the same story to tell . . ."

Beaumont, TX
". . . I've been using the website to purchase calling cards for over 2 years now and I am absolutely grateful for the Mega Clean and Stable calling card. It's a card that really is stable, and clean of any hidden charges. Referred the site to all my friends and they all use it on a regular basis. . . ."

Boston MA
". . . Other sites out there may advertise "cheaper" per-minute rates, but don't get fooled! Only Union Telecard gives you "transparent" information on rates and charges. There are no "hidden fees" that drastically increase your per-minute charge! . . ."

New York, NY
". . . I am in the United States. I call my family in Thailand everyday. Union Telecard products have the cheapest rate. I also recommended Union Telecard products to all of my friends. All of them are very happy! . . ."

Birmingham, AL
". . . We have many family and friends all over the world. I've never found a phone card or website that has better rates. I'm never disappointed with Union Telecard products. I always tell my friends to use Union Telecard because it’s the best!!! . . ."

Plymouth, WI
". . . I have been a customer for almost 2 years, and since then, I haven't bought calling cards from anywhere else. I am impressed by the multitude of choices of cards. I have called customer service, especially when I don't have access to a computer. On each occasion, I have received prompt and satisfactory service. I am impressed by the secure nature of your website and the personalized accounts. . . ."

Johnson City, TN
". . . I enjoy using this card as I am assured of my minutes. I have been using these services for more than a year. . . ."

Pontiac, MI
". . . I've tried many cards for international calls before I ended up with Mega Clean and stable card which I have been using for 2 years - because it's really Clean and stable: prices are not raising and no hidden charges for calls. . . ."

Alpharetta, GA
". . . I like getting the phone cards from the website because it is easy and convenient to do so. Many of the cards used so far are very nice. . . ."

Des Moines, IA
". . . Thank you for providing such great products as international calling cards. Making calls is quick and easy, delivery is fast and I'm able to stay in touch with my family and friends all over the world at affordable prices. Your website is very easy to navigate and there are many valuable products. It's a pleasure to do business with you and I definitely will continue to use your products in the future. . . ."

Kernersville, NC
". . . I have been a frequent and committed customer of yours. I like your Mega card because I call Africa a lot; the rates are great and it does not drop my calls. . . ."

Columbia, SC
". . . I have been a customer for 2 years. I used a few other companies prior and none of them compare in terms of value for money. Further I feel the customer support is great. The wait time on telephone queries is very short and email responses are within a few hours. Overall it is certainly one of the best calling card providers I have used. . . ."

Philadelphia, PA
". . . The phone cards are great! True to minutes and easy to use! No hidden costs!! Thanks! . . ."

Elk Grove Village, IL
". . . I have been using these calling cards and have been very happy with it. I call Pakistan, China and Thailand very often and the quality of call and service is second to none. Very happy and pleased with the service. They have local access numbers even in small places in Georgia and other states. . . ."

Albany, GA
". . . The prepaid telephone cards of Union Telecard are the best cards in terms of service and costs to call anywhere in the world. All calls are rounded to one minute and I did not lose any minutes when there is no response from other side. I would urge anybody looking for cheap and reliable prepaid cards to use Union Telecard. . . ."

Platteville, WI
". . . I have been using Union Telecard for almost 3 years now for making calls to India. I think it offers a great combination of cost and quality on its phone cards, and offers probably the most cost effective cards in the market to India. In addition, I have experienced good customer service whenever I have called in with questions. . . ."

Reston, VA
". . . I love your international calling cards. Thank you and keep up with the good work. . . ."

New York, NY
". . . I'm very pleased with the products I have purchased from Union Telecard during the last 2 years; I buy at least 3 phone cards per week. Keep up the good work, this the most honest phone cards website I have found and I'm a happy and satisfied customer, . . ."

Baton Rouge, LA
". . . We live in a city where you can not find good phone cards. Since we discovered your web page my life is easier. I don’t have to go outside my house to buy new cards and if I run out of them then I can buy another one just in a couples minutes and continue with my conversation with my relatives in South America, I love it - Maribel and Tomas Santa Rosa . . ."

". . . Just want to say that I am happy with your service. I don't have to go to bank and get cash to go purchase a calling card in the grocery store. Also, Union Telecard has a great variety of calling cards that fit everyone's needs. . . ."

Palm Bay, FL
". . . I like your products because it is a very easy way to communicate with my loved ones overseas. I like the quality of the products, and the simplicity to use. The fact that I can get a new pin in just 15 seconds is very important to me. . . ."

Corvallis, OR
". . . I have been using your products for 2 years. I cal someone who lives in St Petersburg Russia. Sometimes we talk for 2 hours. If I do, it costs me$1.20 to call 8 time zones away! The reasonable cost and great sound quality has allowed me to send her roses every month. Needless to say, she is coming to the USA and we will be getting married in 3 months! . . ."

Miami, Florida
". . . I’ve been using Union Telecard for my international calls for more than three years. I can say that I’ve been very satisfied with their service. They are so much cheaper than using a regular phone it’s unbelievable. . . ."

Orlando, FL
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Atlanta, GA
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Melissa Raleigh
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Orangeburg, SC
". . . I have used your cards for 4 years now. I was tired of paying high prices for the phone company long distance charges. Since my family moved overseas, I have been able to call them cheaper every week. Phone cards are cheaper. I have even turned off my long distance service for 2 years now and don’t miss it at all. I always know what my phone bill is now! Cheaper. . . ."

Henryetta, OK
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Cleveland, OH
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Silver spring, MD
". . . What I like about Union Telecard is its affordable and reliable calling cards. The website is simple and easy to navigate. You do not have to be a tech enthusiastic to use it. The support staff is courteous and responds to my questions promptly. I highly recommend Union Telecard for all your calling cards purchases. It is an experience you will never regret. . . ."

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Saegertown PA
". . . I really appreciate the Union Telecard Website. I started buying the cards in 2003 with the Purple Card to Nigeria. My most heavy usages occur in 2004 where I bought every other week to call my wife in Dominican Republic. I love it because it's very convenient. All I need is just few clicks to purchase the cards and also I compare rates. UnionTelecard is a life saver. . . ."

Elkridge, MD
". . . Union Telecard is no doubt the best Internet phone card mart I have ever come across. This is the reason why I continue to buy from Union Telecard since almost four years ago. I like the fact that their website is secured, the occasional offer given to customers, and various phone cards with absolutely no fee (connection, service or maintenance fee). . . ."

Berkeley, CA
". . . Excellent website!! I barely spend 10 seconds when I need to buy a phone card, who can beat that? Better rates than regular phone cards purchased in gas stations and much more convenient!! . . ."

Greenwich, CT
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Fort Bragg, NC
". . . I have been a customer with Union Telecard for over two years now and their cards are very good. Since I started using Union Telecard I have good minutes for my money and their cards last a long time . I have introduced many people to Union Telecard and they enjoy the products as well. . . ."

Fort Bragg NC
". . . A friend told me about Union Telecard, and I tried it 4 years ago and never went to another web site since. It is seriously the best. I particularly like the secure payments, and the variety of phone cards. It is so nice to call someone and not be worried about dropped calls or minutes. Wide variety of phone cards. You have the power, try it!!! . . ."

Brighton, MA
". . . This is the only card I always trust. Very reliable with awesome clarity in voice. Apart from that they don’t charge any hidden fees or connection fees you won’t loose any minutes either. . . ."

New York NY
". . . I just wanted to let you know that I am a regular user of your calling card products and I have never ever faced any problems with any of your cards. I buy different cards when I call different countries, and I get the same, excellent quality in each card. Not even once have I had a dropped call or bad voice quality. Your service is great! Keep up the good work guys! . . ."

Iselin, NJ
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Phoenix, AZ
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Atlanta, GA
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Torrance, CA
". . . I have been a client since 2004 and I like the service. The lines are always clear even from cell phone to cell phone; and it is easy to be activated and even to change payment from one credit card to the next with no complications. . . ."

Atlanta, GA
". . . I use the Simply Asia USA calling card that Union Telecard sells. Out of any card I have ever used Union Telecard cards are the best. Clear calls, no dropped calls and I have no complaints about the minutes. Anyone looking for a calling card should definitely use Union Telecard. . . ."

Los Angeles, CA
". . . The Mega Clean and Stable card was the best I found to call my husband while he was in Iraq. It has great rates and easy to use features! If he ever has to go back, we will certainly purchase again and again! Thank you for helping us keep in touch while he served our country! . . ."

Pembroke, GA
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Los Angeles, CA
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Miami, FL
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Issaquah, WA
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Louisville, KY
". . . Union Telecard has been my lifeline to my husband who was deployed to Iraq for the past year. I searched around for affordable calling cards and found this site to be the MOST affordable and easy to use, in fact I was skeptical when first using it but am so pleased that there was "no catch." Very good service and access numbers were never busy! Thank you for your invaluable service!!! . . ."

Philadelphia, NY
". . . Union Telecard has really saved me a lot of dollars. Before I discovered the website I was paying between $500 -$700 every month on my home phone. Union Telecard has really saved me a lot of dollars. I have cancelled my long distance plan and my phone bill is in the $30s now. . . ."

Summerville, SC
". . . There are really no surprises. If a card says "you have 37 minutes for this call", set your timer, and you'll be just fine. This beats a lot of other cards with false promises. Keep up the good work . . ."

Eastpointe, MI
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El Paso, TX
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Allison Park, PA
". . . I use Mega Clean Card regularly. It is really clean. What I like the most is that there are no hidden fees. When I use it for one minute it charges just 1 minute. I always recommend my friends to use Mega Clean. . . ."

Lubbock, TX
". . . I have been using Union Telecard for the past 2 years. When I came to the US from India, I was looking out for a calling card that is more efficient in terms of the money spent and the clarity of the talking. I tried many cards before I finally chose Union Telecard for my distance calling. Main reasons are the quality of the talking and the cost. I get more minutes at reasonable price.. . . ."

Los Angeles, CA
". . . I am a very old customer of Union Telecard. I buy a lot of cards from your site specially Arcade to call India. Your site provides a wide variety of calling cards to suit the requirements of various categories of people to make international/domestic calls without pinching their pockets. . . ."

East Rutherford, NJ
". . . One of the most important things you need is a long distance phone card that provides you with convenient and reliable service. Union Telecard has become an essential asset in my life. I am able to purchase my cards on the Internet at any time during the day. The phone service is incredibly reliable and easy to use and I love being able to program pin numbers. . . ."

Astoria, NY
". . . I have been a customer of Union Telecard products for about 3 years now. I have never had any problem calling to India or with the customer service. Even though I have tried several competitor products during this time, I have never found the reliability and effectiveness of the Union Telecard products (I use mega and remember me cards). I would recommend these to anyone. . . ."

State College, PA
". . . Best phone card ever designed especially for foreign students in terms of rates . . ."

". . . Words can not explain how Union Telecard kept a lot of people closer. More like home away from home. The service is excellent and no hidden fees like other sites have. I’m originally from Ghana in the western part of Africa. It has helped me to communicate with all my family and friends easily and cheaply. I will recommend Union Telecard to anybody. Especially people from Ghana. . . ."

Jeffersonville, IN
". . . I like the convenience of logging on to the website anytime, anywhere. The rates are great for all international calls especially to London . . ."

Nashville, TN
". . . I've been using Union Telecard products for quite a while now for both domestic as well as International calls. I am totally satisfied with the phone cards I’m using as they have great clarity/minutes. . . ."

Columbus, GA
". . . The last 3 years I have been using only Union Telecard. It never gave me a problem...not even during festival times, long weekends when so many guys will be calling home..I was able to talk freely, using Union Telecard. The website is good too. Just need 5 clicks to get a new PIN. Hope you guys will keep up the same quality and keep reasonable rates as they are. . . ."

Lubbock, TX
". . . For 3 years now I have purchased long distance and international calling cards only from Union Telecard since I can't find other sites with lower prices and better services. Check it out! . . ."

Chandler, AZ
". . . Using Mega Clean and BharatBaat for last few years to call India and other countries. Excellent quality and easy to buy and use. Would recommend anytime to others. . . ."

Charlotte, NC
". . . By using the Union Telecard website to purchase pre-paid phone cards, I was able to cut my monthly phone bill from about $200 in international calls to about $80/month. In addition to the great savings their customer service is outstanding. I will not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for ways to cut down on their phone bills. . . ."

St. Louis, MO
". . . Before I started using your website to buy calling cards, I was paying a lot more money for calling cards that had less time, inferior quality, and tons of hidden charges. Your company is upfront about any and all charges, and charges an honest fee for each and every one of its calling cards. I am glad to be a customer and have nothing but praise about Union Telecard. . . ."

Upland, CA
". . . I have been a using phone cards from Union Telecard for over a year now and have been extremely satisfied. The phone cards have excellent voice quality and come at great prices. Great going guys! Keep it up. . . ."

Westerly, RI
". . . The convenience of online shopping 24/7. It never ceases to amaze. I did feel safe shopping the website when I initially registered. Lot said, much more to say, but I would give others the chance to put forward their equally pleasant experiences with Union Telecard. . . ."

Lima, OH
". . . I've been using your phone cards for a very long time and I have never been disappointed. The rates you have for foreign countries - Europe in particular are really great, and connection is clean and decent in comparison with other companies. Your staff provides excellent service resolving all minor problems regarding my account and answering my questions. . . ."

Saint Paul, MN
". . . The ease and security of online purchases as well as the ability to buy cards 24/7 has endeared me to Union Telecard. I can always try a different card depending on the country I am interested in calling. I would use the words "Reliable”, “accessible" and "worth it". . . ."

Kalamazoo, MI
". . . I have been a customer of Union Telecard for over a year now. I can talk to my Mom and family back in Cameroon as often as possible. Their services are very reliable and the pin numbers are always accurate. The prices are reasonable. The distinguishing feature with Union Telecard phone cards is that the access numbers are never busy. . . ."

Birmingham, AL
". . . I've been using you're website, and ordering Mega Clean and Stable phone cards pins for a few years now. I've never had to complain, or ever had any problems with any of your cards. I just wanted to let you know to keep up the good work, and keep up the great low rates for calling Pakistan, and I'll stay you're customer because of the great service. . . ."

Burke, VA
". . . This card enables me to contact my family anytime I want to with adequate airtime. . . ."

Lexington, KY
". . . You have the best international calling cards. I make international calls to Congo everyday especially because my wife is still back home. The good thing I like about your cards, the rate is exact, and when you hang up, you don't loose your minutes, next call you start where you stopped. Since I discovered UTA cards, I have a peace of mind in the kind of cards to use. . . ."

Diangienda Joseph
Atlanta GA

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