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PT-1 Africa Works Phone Card

PT-1 Africa Works Phone Card
No connection fees
No Service Fees
1 minute rounding
Auto Recharge
Pinless dialing
Speed Dial
Call History
Billing History
Virtual Card
This card is no longer available for new PIN purchases.


Toll Free Access Number:   1-800-499-2617 (English)     Other Languages     International Toll Free Service
Toll Free Access Numbers Location Language Support Pinless Dial Support Pinless Dial
1-800-276-3956US and CanadaRussian
1-800-909-5596US and CanadaKhmer
1-800-887-1921US and CanadaFrench
1-800-887-2307US and CanadaItalian
1-800-887-2429US and CanadaKorean
1-800-909-5547US and CanadaPolish
1-800-499-2807US and CanadaSpanish
1-800-603-6147US and CanadaHindi
1-800-795-2790US and CanadaHungarian
1-800-887-3152US and CanadaTamil
1-800-538-9417US and CanadaMandarin
1-800-795-2884US and CanadaNorwegian
1-800-795-2923US and CanadaHebrew
1-800-909-5543US and CanadaVietnamese
1-800-499-2617US and CanadaEnglish
1-800-795-2852US and CanadaGreek
1-800-627-6507US and CanadaPunjabi
1-800-795-2508US and CanadaDanish
1-800-795-2584US and CanadaFlemish
1-800-795-2892US and CanadaTurkish
1-800-627-7067US and CanadaCantonese
1-800-795-2608US and CanadaCzech
1-800-909-5548US and CanadaCreole
1-800-795-2443US and CanadaAustrian
1-800-887-1917US and CanadaBengali
1-800-887-2718US and CanadaSinhala
1-800-274-9875US and CanadaArabic
1-800-887-2495US and CanadaPortuguese
1-800-887-3941US and CanadaUrdu
1-800-795-2891US and CanadaRomanian

The results provided in the local access number search feature are for informational purposes only and you should check with your local telephone service provider to confirm that the access numbers are local.

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