Bonus Points Program

General - Registered customers are eligible to earn Bonus Points which can be converted into additional PIN balance dollars. Customers will receive an email when Bonus Points are added to their accounts. Only registered customers of whose account is in good standing are eligible to earn and convert Bonus Points.

Each Bonus Point awarded can be converted into $1.00 of additional balance on a customer’s PIN.

All Bonus Points and programs that award Bonus Points are subject to these rules and regulations (collectively, the “Program”) as well as all terms and conditions of this website, including the Subscriber Agreement and Conditions of Use. UTA reserves the right to change the Program’s policies, rules, regulations and benefits at any time without notice. UTA reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time without notice.

Bonus Points can not be used to purchase additional calling cards or PINS, have no cash value and may not be transferred to another customer’s account. Bonus Points from one account can not be pooled or combined with the Bonus Points of another customer’s account. The sale of Bonus Points by customers is prohibited. Bonus Points will not be granted for any refunded, void or unpaid purchases.

Purchases of Tigo products (Honduras and Guatemala) also apply for obtaining bonus points on the Welcome Promotion and Frequent Buyer Programs but Bonus Points can only be redeemed over Union Telecard Alliance calling card PINs.

Crediting Account - Bonus Points will be credited to a customer’s account within 2 weeks of the qualifying activity. Customers are responsible for verifying that Bonus Points are credited to their account. All account discrepancies must be reported in writing within six months of date of activity.

Expiration and Termination - UTA reserves the right to terminate your membership in the Program at any time if you violate the Program's rules or policies or any term or condition of the website, including the Subscriber Agreement and the Conditions of Use. Termination of your membership will result in a loss of all accumulated Bonus Points and the loss of all other Program benefits. Terminated members are not eligible to participate in any aspect of the Program. In lieu of termination, UTA may at its sole discretion deduct Bonus Points from your account, but permit you to continue participating in the Program. If a customer returns a card (PIN) and receives a refund, then all of the Bonus Points associated with that card (PIN) will be automatically cancelled. As of April 2012, points will expire 180 days from their respective award dates.

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