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Calling Pakistan Long Distance

Pakistan does not participate in Daylight Saving Time. The country is normally 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 10 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the U.S., but it is only 9 hours ahead of the eastern U.S. during Daylight Saving Time.
The country calling code for Pakistan is 92. This will always be followed by the area code, a 2-5-digit number, and the local subscriber number, which is a 4-7-digit number. The larger the city, the shorter the area code and the longer the subscriber number will be. For a call to Karachi, for example, the area code 21 would be followed by a 7-digit number. Want a complete list of Pakistan city codes?
Don’t worry! Calling Pakistan is easy, we promise. Check out our calling guide for more help with calling Pakistan long distance.
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Pakistan Phone Cards and Calling Cards

Recommended Phone Cards for Calling Pakistan

Asimon Phone Card
Low Rates Worldwide
Outstanding rates to Israel
1 minute rounding
No connection or service fees
PIN-less dialing
Call and Billing History online
Virtual Card
Mega Clean & Stable
Mega Clean & Stable Phone Card
Completely Clean
1 minute rounding
Stable Rates
Auto Recharge
Pinless dialing
Speed Dial
Call History
Billing History
Virtual Card

Other Great Pakistan Phone Cards

  RatesConnection FeeService FeeMaintenance FeeRoundingFeaturesPriceMinutes 
  BHARAT 15.0 ¢0.00 ¢No service feesNo maintenance fee applies6 second rounding with a 30 second minimum call.Local Access 33 min


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