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Calling the Philippines Long Distance

The Philippines is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States; however, the Philippines does not participate in Daylight Saving Time. So, during Daylight Saving Time in the U.S., the Philippines is only 12 hours ahead of the eastern U.S.
When calling the Philippines internationally, begin with the country calling code, 63. Now dial an area code of 1-4 digits and a local subscriber number of 5-7 digits. For domestic long distance calls, you do not need the country code, but be sure to dial a 0 before you dial the area code. Not surprisingly, local calls are the easiest: simply dial the 5-7-digit subscriber number. Find a full list of Philippines city codes here.
For more information on calling the Philippines long distance, check out our Philippines calling guide.
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Philippines Phone Cards and Calling Cards

Recommended Phone Cards for Calling Philippines

Crazy USA
Crazy USA Phone Card
No connection fees
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Auto Recharge
Pin less dialing
Speed Dial
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Virtual Card
Mega Clean & Stable
Mega Clean & Stable Phone Card
Completely Clean
1 minute rounding
Stable Rates
Auto Recharge
Pinless dialing
Speed Dial
Call History
Billing History
Virtual Card

Other Great Philippines Phone Cards

  RatesConnection FeeService FeeMaintenance FeeRoundingFeaturesPriceMinutes 
  Simply Asia USA 12.5 ¢0.00 ¢No Service FeesA 69¢ maintenance fee applies earlier of first day after first completed call or after initial 50¢ of usage, and every 14 days thereafter.1 Minute + 3 MinutesLocal Access 800 min
  Asimon 15.2 ¢0.00 ¢No Service FeesNo Maintenance fee applies1 MinuteLocal Access 660 min


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