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Calling Germany Long Distance

Germany is in the Central European Time Zone. When calling Germany, remember to consider the time of year. Like most of Europe, Germany observes Daylight Saving Time. From early spring through fall, Germany is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. During the winter months, Germany is only 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time but remains 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. There may be brief periods when U.S. Daylight Saving Time does not line up with Daylight Saving Time in Europe; during those periods, Germany will be 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.
The country calling code for Germany is 49. Always dial 011, the international calling code before the country code. You would them dial the area code for the number you are trying to reach. German area codes have between 2 to 5 digits, not including the lead 0. The lead 0 is only dialed when calling within Germany. The other digits of the area code depend upon the region you are calling. For example, those beginning with (0)2 are located in the west of the country, while those (0)4 are found in the north. The number of digits in phone numbers themselves also depends upon the area you are calling; more densely populated areas have longer telephone numbers, while more sparsely populated areas use shorter numbers.
There’s a lot to remember, but calling Germany long distance doesn’t have to be hard. Use our Calling Guide to get all the information you need to make calls and save money!
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Germany Phone Cards and Calling Cards

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